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Ondřej Holba


Ondřej Holba

Director, actor, teacher

I graduated from the Mime Department of Prague HAMU and I specialize in original movement theater performances, contemporary circus and circus teaching. Since 2010, I’ve been an actor in the Circus Sacra theater. I’ve performed my original shows at a number of festivals including Letní Letná, Cirk UFF, Cirkopolis, Mime Fest, Kremnické Gagy and many others. I cooperate with artists from around the world. My work focuses on contemporary circus and original theater and the promotion of these international trends in the Czech Republic. In cooperation with Finnish director and clown Herne Väätäinen, I created original shows entitled Still Life and And Who Is Useless Now? Currently, I’m exploring the use of robotics and artificial intelligence in theater clown shows. My work is inspired by philosophical approaches to artificial intelligence (e. g., A. Turing, M. Minsky, etc.), fine art, music, and the use of light, while seeking to interconnect these fields.

In recent years, I’ve directed my original shows entitled The Cuckoo – Stayed Human Nevertheless (Kukačka – přesto zůstal člověkem, 2017) and Parasite (Parazit, 2019). In 2019, I finished my milestone project entitled And Who Is Useless Now? which was selected for the Circolaborative Tools and Circus Next+ European projects and the Czech Dance Platform festival.


Still life

Visual performance inspired by the work of René Magritte. Slightly naive, very unlikely and sometimes ridiculous images reflecting our (non-)working minds.

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 Piece of Glass

Visual collage full of movement, manipulation with glass and playfull lights. Piece of Glass will daze you with lasers, precise circus technique and pull you in with atmos-phere. Looking into the shadows of subconscious through the light, darkness, and glass. The performance of a few naive dreams, desire to be someone else and finding self-confidence.

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